Enevti are heavily inspired by celebrities, creators, and influencers, as they are a STARS. So we envision our roadmap as a journey to the stars!


Roadmap #1: BigBang (Inception)

August 31, 2021 - October 6, 2021

BigBang (Inception)

Big Bang is the process in which the universe began from a single point, where all stars are born and it will continue to expand infinitely to the future! 

This roadmap item is the phase where Enevti is born, the beginning of the big idea.

Target: Vision, Market Research, Team Formation, and Project Setup.

Roadmap #2: Sol (Foundation)


Sol (Foundation)

Sol is the Latin word for our sun, it is the foundation of our solar system that gives its planets a stable orbit. It is also by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. 

This is the phase where MVP is being developed as the main foundation of future products.

Target: Enevti App Beta, Redeemable NFT, and Testnet.

Roadmap #3: Polaris (Decentralization)


Polaris (Decentralization)

Polaris is positioned over the North Pole, it’s the only star that is fixed and doesn’t move. It’s also a navigation tool, known as “The North Star”. 

This is the phase where Enevti Mainnet is deployed, data that are recorded on the blockchain are secured, become fixed and immutable. Polaris also symbolizes our “North Star Metric”, which is Decentralization!

Target: Enevti App v1, Mainnet, Enevti Core, Integration with Lisk as Sidechain.

Roadmap #4: Sirius (Tokenization)


Sirius (Tokenization)

Sirius’s name comes from the Latin Sīrius, which means ‘glowing’. Sirius is the brightest star in the dark night. One authority suggests Sirius links with the Egyptian god Osiris, the god of fertility, life, and vegetation. 

This is the phase where Enevti is commencing a private and public token sale, making the ENVT token valuable, ‘fertile’, and ‘glowing’.

Target: Private Sale, ICO, Exchange listing.

Roadmap #5: Samaya (Collaboration)


Samaya (Collaboration)

Sāmaya is the word for peace in Sinhalese language. A planet orbiting the star, was named Samagiya, which means “togetherness and unity” in Sinhalese. 

This is the phase where Enevti maximizes collaboration. Third-party app tools are developed, integrating more Lisk-based projects to Enevti. This allows us to onboard as many developers and creators as possible.

Target: Enevti API, Enevti Grant Program, Enevti Community Accelerator, Enevti App v2, and Deeper Lisk Integration.

Roadmap #6: Arcturus (Governance)


Arcturus (Governance)

Arcturus had several names that described its significance to indigenous Polynesians. In the Society Islands, Arcturus, called Ana-tahua-taata-metua-te-tupu-mavae (“a pillar to stand by”), was one of the ten “pillars of the sky”, bright stars that represented the ten heavens of the Tahitian afterlife. 

This Phase activates Enevti governance as the main ‘pillar’ for true decentralized projects owned by its users.

Target: Decentralized Treasury Activation

Roadmap #7: Kepler (Integration)


Kepler (Integration)

Kepler-90 (and our solar system) is a star with the most multi-planetary system. There are 8 confirmed planets orbiting Kepler-90. Johannes Kepler is also a scientist best known for his laws of planetary motion. 

This is the Phase where Enevti becomes a full Cross-Chain Interoperable Blockchain where Enevti can ‘orbit’ NFT from another blockchain such as Ethereum, Polkadot, etc.

Target: Enevti Bridge, and Enevti App v3.