World-First Redeemable NFT With Creator Finance Protocol

Introducing Enevti, a decentralized social media NFT platform to help fans get an authentic relationship with their favorite influencers


We are building an unprecedented community-first NFT blockchain ecosystem, leaping towards the next generation of NFT technology.

Redeemable NFT

NFT Beyond Pixel!

Increase your NFT’s value by giving it utility. Evolution of NFT starts NOW!

New Kind of NFT

Collectible? Arts? No, its Smart Utility Asset

Supercharge Engagement

A lot of utility options, even can be customized!

Bored no More!

Gamification will make collecting experience more Fun!

Products #1: Enevti App - Super-App for everything Enevti!

Creator Finance (CreaFi)

Stake, Engage, Get Rewarded!

A combination of DeFi + NFT + Creator Economy. CreaFi brings fans-creator incentivization to the next level!

Monetize Directly

New way to monetize in a more fair and engaging way!

Be #1 Fans

The more you stake and redeem, the more you get rewarded!

Tailored to your Interest

Every creator rewards its fans differently, you are free to choose!

Self-Sustaining Governance

You Govern The Enevti Network!

Enevti is owned by you! You decide how the protocol grows and behaves!

Your Creator Become Delegate

Stake your Creator to be a Delegate

Vote for Treasury

Vote for your favorite Project from Treasury

Decentralized Promotion

You choose which NFTs that Gets Featured


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