Introducing Self-sustaining governance! We provide on-chain governance to the Enevti blockchain by allowing the community to self-determine priorities for growth.


We bring platform ownership back to YOU. With collaborative participation, it will lead Enevti to a more sustainable blockchain project!

Creator-Centric DPoS

Delegate is Your Favorite Creator!

By staking, you also support your creator to become a delegate. Creator needs to self-stake himself if they want to become a delegate.

Community First

Let’s make delegate a meaningful position for the community!

Earn Block Reward

You can earn a block reward from staked creator if they become delegates

Committed Creators

There are protocol penalties if creators are acting dishonestly in securing the networks

Delegated NFT Promotion

NFTs Promoted by YOU!

No more privacy breach to effectively promote content. Delegates can promote the NFT they like

Direct Promotion

No company, or broken ad business model. You can influence what NFT to be promoted

Aligned with Community

Delegates are chosen by its fans, thus delegated promotion is expected to promote community favorite NFT


Delegates can promote different NFT every week, thus many NFT will potentially be promoted


Empowering Community Initiative!

Propose a Community project from these category: Marketing, Protocol Development, Tech Adoption and General. Witness change with your own eyes!

Open for Everyone

Treasury distribution will be held once every 3 month, everyone can propose a project they want

Supported by Creators

Treasury funds come mainly from the 10% block rewards tax, which is forged by creators when they become delegates

Voted by Fans

Proposals will be voted by fans that have a stake-power from staking to creators. They are true fans who decide the protocol’s future!