and Engaging

Creator Finance (CreaFi) is the incentivization layer for redeemable NFT, where creator and fans are rewarded to mutually engage with each other!


Think CreaFi as a combination of DeFi + NFT + Creator Economy! Fans will be rewarded for supporting Creators. Creators will be rewarded for engaging with fans. And Everyone will benefit from this incentivization model!

Creator’s Pool Staking

Every Creator has his own Pool!

Stake to your favorite creator and get even more exclusive benefits

Support Future Creators

Stake to creators in their early days, and gain huge benefit when they become superstars!

Mutual Interaction

Creators need to be staked minimum 1000 ENVT to be able to create NFT

Ton of Benefit

From exclusive access, stake distribution, and NFT sales commission! Supporting your creators will never be the same!

In CreaFi, Every Creator has his own Pool!
CreaFi is designed tailored to your interest, Pick the most suited Creator for you!

Creator’s Pool Parameter

Pick the most suited Creator!

Creators can set how his pools distribute rewards. Fans can maximize their rewards by choosing the most suited Creator!

Parameter Freedom

Creator can set which parameters contribute to the reward their fans get. From the staking amount, how early they join, and how often they redeem.

Governed Collectively

Want to change parameters when you already have staker? Get their approval first!

Distribute Block Reward Easily

If creator becomes delegate, parameter can be used to determine block reward distribution!